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Soya Lecithin Plants


Brissun is a leading manufacturer, supplier & exporter of Soya Lecithin Plants .Brissun Manufacture Cost Effective Soya Lecithin Plants, Customized Soya Lecithin Refinery and ensures low cost of production , and output of high quality. We also provides Turnkey Project for the complete Soya Lecithin Plants.

Recovery of wet Lecithin is done from hydratable gums of soyabean oils, rice bran oils and sunflower oil.Lecithin is the predominant source material for food and pharmaceucal. Food lecithin is usually de-oiled to improve its funconality. The major phospholipids as listed below are the source of the Lecithin

  • Phosphadylcholine
  • Phosphadylethanolamine
  • Phosphadylinositol
  • Phosphadylserine
  • Lysophosphadylcholine
  • Lysophosphadylethanolamine
  • Phytoglycolipids
  • Phytosterines

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