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Palm Oil Refinery Plant


Brissun is a leading manufacturer, supplier & exporter of Palm Oil Refining Plant in Vietnam, Egypt, DR Congo, Brazil, Argentina, USA, Canada.Brissun Manufacture Cost Effective Palm Oil Refining, Customized Palm Oil Refinery and ensures low cost of production , and output of high quality. We also provides Turnkey Project for the complete Palm Oil Refinery. palm oil refinery plant, Palm Oil Refinery, Palm oil refining process, Palm oil refinery process, palm oil machinery manufacturers, palm oil refinery plant manufacturers, Palm oil refinery process, Palm oil refinery plant project, palm oil industry, palm oil processing, palm oil processing machine, palm oil production process.

Crude Palm oil is obtained from mesocarp part of palm oil. Extracted Crude Palm oil contains some undesirable impurities and these some of the impurities need to be removed partially or completely through the refining process in order to produce good edible oil that have better stability and keepability.

Now a days Palm oil is popular cooking oil in some tropical countries like South east Asia, Africa, and some parts of Brazil. It is broadly used in other countries because of lower cost and good oxidative stability. Palm oil is used widely for cooking due to its heat resistant property as compared to any other vegetable oil.


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